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General Information

As a newer small business, we currently lack the space and capital needed to manage a massive inventory of manga in house, so we rely on our distributors to store books in their warehouses until we need them. Our focus is to offer everyday discounted prices and superior fulfillment services in exchange for slightly longer delivery times than what you may be used to.

How ordering with us works:

  1. Once you place an order, we order those titles from our distributors within the following timeframes:
    • Daily: Dark Horse, Kodansha, Seven Seas, Square Enix, Titan, and Vertical
    • 1-3 days: SuBLime, Viz Media
    • Every Monday: Ize Press, Yen On, Yen Press
  2. Once ordered with distribution, we receive those items typically within 5-10 business days, depending on warehouse workload.
  3. Once received, we check your items for any damages or significant printing issues. See Misprints and Quality Control section below for more info.
  4. We carefully package your order with a lot of packing paper.
  5. Orders are shipped as soon as they’re complete, Monday-Friday.

Overall, most orders are delivered in 3 weeks, but some may take longer due to damages or warehouse delays.


Preorders should arrive shortly after the release date so long as no other items in your order are holding them up.

Our in-house Ready to Ship selection features a variety of new and popular titles as well as Indie manga from publishers like Glacier Bay and Star Fruit.

Merry Manga Co. Info & Policies

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Inventory Status Definitions

In Stock

  • If a single product page simply shows “Add To Cart”, then the title is in stock at our distributors’ warehouses.
  • If a number in parantheses is shown after “In Stock”, then the title is in stock at our office and ready to ship next day.
    • Ex: In Stock (2) = 2 copies available.


  • This title is awaiting a reprint and currently unavailable with our distributors. Backordering will secure your copy of the next print run. For more information, read our Backorders policy section below.


  • This is an unreleased title available for pre-purchase. Preordering will secure your copy from the first print run, exclusions apply. For more information, read our Preorders policy section below.

Out of Stock

  • This title could be awaiting a reprint or is no longer available with our distributors for the foreseeable future. Out of Stock titles cannot be ordered.

Additional Info: Inventory status can change by the minute for high demand or low stock titles. Webstore inventory is updated as frequently as possible and as deemed necessary; however, there is a small chance you could order a title marked as in stock that is now on backorder. If this occurs, we will communicate with the customer ASAP and offer different solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Publishers We Offer

Full Catalog Available

Dark Horse, Kodansha, Ize Press, Seven Seas, Square Enix, SuBLime, Titan, Vertical, Viz Media, Yen On, Yen Press

Limited Availability

Ablaze, Denpa, Drawn + Quarterly, Glacier Bay, J-Novel Club, Kuma, One Peace, PIE International, Star Fruit, Tuttle


Customers who want new releases on or around the release date should preorder items 3 weeks (or more) prior to release. For items ordered less than 3 weeks prior to their release date, we cannot 100% guarantee that we’ll be able to stock copies from the first print run if demand for those items is high. We plan to order extra of highly anticipated new releases so that we can help out any customers that are late to the party, but quantities may be limited.

We want to see our customers receive new titles the week they release, so we recommend customers consider release dates when placing an order. We typically won’t ship an order until all items are in stock, so if you want an item the same week that it releases please ensure there are no other items in your order that are released at a later date or backordered.


We recommend that customers place separate orders for in stock and backordered items, otherwise the in stock items will be held until all backordered items are in stock.

Backordered items may be canceled at any time; however, if the warehouse has begun processing items in your order then we will be unable to cancel those specific items.

Occasionally an item marked as in stock may actually be on backorder with distribution due to stock depleting since the last time we updated our inventory or inaccurate distributor information. This occurs infrequently, but if it happens we will contact you and likely cancel and refund the item in order to ship out the rest of your order in a timely manner.


For orders of in stock items, customers may cancel items only if our distributors have not begun preparing your order. If you would like to request to cancel your order, please submit a support case as soon as possible.

For orders of items on backorder or preorder, cancellations may be accepted at any time, so long as our distributors have not begun preparing your order.

Merry Manga Co. also reserves the right to cancel any items or orders at any time. For more info, see Terms and Conditions


All orders are packaged securely and shipped through USPS Media Mail or comparable shipping option. Shipping is free for orders greater than $100, otherwise the customer is responsible for paying the shipping rate shown at checkout.

For larger orders, partial shipments of in stock items may occur solely at our discretion. In this case, your order will be split up and the changes will be shown on your Orders page.


All orders regardless of status (backorder, in stock, preorder) are charged at checkout. Payment is only accepted through the payment methods listed during checkout:

Debit / Credit / Paypal / Venmo

Paypal Pay Later is also available.


Insurance is provided through Route and automatically applied at checkout. If you do not want to insure your order, you can opt out at checkout.

Merry Manga Co. does not take any responsibility for your package once it is in scanned in by the shipping carrier. However, we do our best to minimize incidental damages by packaging your order securely.

Misprints and Quality Control

Collectors old and new to the industry should know that printing errors (small flaws that occur during the printing/binding process) are unfortunately common. At Merry Manga, our stance is that no book can ever be perfect; however, we strive to make publishers aware of significant printing errors and damages. If you ever receive a book that doesn’t meet your expectations, please make us aware of it by submitting a support case. We are unable to provide a refund or exchange for misprints, but we may be able to offer credit on a case-by-case basis.

Our quality control process: We inspect every shipment of books we receive for incidental damages and significant printing issues (external only). In the case that a book fails our inspection and was pre-purchased by a customer, their order will be delayed until we’re able to replace the damaged copy.

Damaged Items

For any items believed to have been damaged in transit, please submit a claim through Route if you purchased insurance. We do not accept returns for damaged items.

Insurance Tips: If your package arrives damaged, we recommend taking photos of all sides of the package prior to opening it. After opening, take a photo of the interior of the package prior to unpacking. Once unpacked, if damage is noted on any items that were ordered, take photos of the damage from multiple angles. All of these photos should help speed up the Route claim process.

Missing Items

For any items missing from your order, please submit a support case so that we can find a resolution. If the entire order goes missing during transit or damage to the package occurred in transit resulting in missing items, customers will need to contact their local Post Office to acquire proof that the shipment is lost. Once proof is acquired, please submit a claim through Route, if purchased. Merry Manga Co. is not responsible for packages once they’re scanned in by shipping carriers.


We do not offer returns under any circumstance. Please be absolutely certain that you want all items in your cart prior to checking out.

Sales Tax

State of Georgia Residents: We will automatically calculate the sales tax for your order during checkout based on your shipping address.

International Orders

Unfortunately we are unable to accept orders outside of the US and Puerto Rico at this time.