Blade & Bastard (Light Novel), Vol. 2

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Scorch marks blacken the wireframe dungeon, and the smell of burnt meat hangs in the air. Iarumas’s party stumbles upon a corpse, more charcoal than flesh, and Raraja insists on dragging it out. Murmur—Chant—Pray—Invoke. A large-framed girl named Berkanan gulps the fresh air of her second chance at life. Her confidence is low and her skills as a fledgling mage are inadequate, but despite all that, she has a serious goal—kill the red dragon that burned her party alive. This dragon, an interloper from the lower levels of the dungeon, has become so notorious that even the most seasoned parties refuse to engage. Even so, Garbage and Raraja agree to aid Berkanan, and Iarumas lends his support. The chances of failure are high, but in the dungeon, immolation is not a permanent end…as long as someone is willing to pay. Can Iarumas’s party douse the flames of the dragon, or will they all succumb to a menacing red death?


Category: Genre: Action Fantasy Seinen Tags: , , , , , , , , , Release Date: August 20, 2024 Publisher: JNC Printing Type: Hardcover ISBN: 9781975392888 Author: Kumo Kagyu Series: Blade & Bastard Age Rating: Older Teen

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