Heaven Official’s Blessing: Tian Guan Ci Fu (Novel), Vol. 3


SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR, SOMEONE TO LIVE FOR, Gods should never meddle in the affairs of mortals, but Xie Lian is not one to follow the rules when lives are at risk. He spits in the face of heaven and its laws and descends in a fury to save his country from drought and civil war. Yet this golden child gets a harsh dose of reality when he discovers just how little one individual—even a god—can do to save a crumbling nation. As the people reject and betray him, one young soldier stands by Xie Lian—a boy with a face wrapped in bandages and a fierce loyalty in his heart. In this chaotic past, can an unshakable bond grow from the ashes of unimaginable destruction?

Category: Genre: Danmei Drama Fantasy Historical Tags: , , , , , , , , , , Release Date: 7/12/2022 Publisher: Seven Seas - Danmei Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781638582106 Author: tai3_3, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, ZeldaCW Series: Heaven Official's Blessing: Tian Guan Ci Fu Age Rating: Mature

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