Lonely Castle in the Mirror (Hardcover)

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Bullied to the point of dropping out of school, Kokoro’s days blur together as she hides in her bedroom, unable to face her family or friends. As she spirals into despair, her mirror begins to shine; with a touch, Kokoro is pulled from her lonely life into a resplendent, bizarre fairytale castle guarded by a strange girl in a wolf mask. Six other students have been brought to the castle, and soon this marvelous refuge becomes their playground.

The castle has a hidden room that can grant a single wish, but there are rules to be followed, and breaking them will have dire consequences. As Kokoro and her new acquaintances spend more time in their new sanctuary, they begin to unlock the castle’s secrets and, tentatively, each other’s.

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Category: Genre: Drama Mystery Seinen Tags: , , , , , , , , , Release Date: October 18, 2022 Publisher: Erewhon Books Printing Type: Hardcover ISBN: 9781645660408 Author: Mizuki Tsujimura Series: The Dangerous Convenience Store Age Rating: Teen

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