Otherside Picnic Omnibus, Vol. 4 (Light Novel)

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Contains the Complete Volumes 7-8

Satsuki Uruma—a young woman of considerable importance to Toriko who disappeared while studying the Otherside. She has menaced Toriko and Sorawo many times as an apparition, but now, she makes her boldest move yet towards the latter. In an act of desperation, Sorawo resolves to use everything she knows about the occult to finally “exorcize” her… Sorawo and Toriko’s bizarre tale of exploration and survival is coming to a climax!


Category: Genre: Action Adventure Drama Horror Mystery Sci-Fi Shonen Tags: , , , , , Release Date: July 9, 2024 Publisher: JNC Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781718360815 Author: Miyazawa, Iori Series: Otherside Picnic Age Rating: Older Teen

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