Black or White, Vol. 3


For these two typecast actors, love can’t always be black or white.Shin is an actor whose awkward personality has gotten him typecast as the villain, whereas his secret lover Shige garners all the prime princely roles. As their careers advance, can these two endure all eyes being on them not just in public but in private too? Up-and-coming actor Shin has become friendly with Tatara, a veteran actor he admires, which makes Shin’s boyfriend Shige visibly jealous. And when Shin and Shige finally get their chance to work together, the situation only worsens. Being forced to hide their relationship while on set is more than Shige can handle, so he confronts Shin and tells him that this was precisely why he didn’t want them to become intimate. Unfortunately for the secret lovers, the eavesdropping Tatara overhears it all!

Category: Genre: Drama Romance Slice of Life Yaoi Tags: , , , , , , , Release Date: 3/8/2022 Publisher: SuBLime Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781974725403 Author: Sachimo Series: Black or White Age Rating: Mature

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