Captain Momo’s Secret Base, Vol. 1

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In the year 3019 AD, humanity has gotten even more work casual: most of the time, Momo doesn’t bother to wear her captain’s uniform—or anything at all—onboard the cargo vessel Blue Chateau, as she struggles against interstellar tedium, company directives, low battery strength, and her ever-underfoot cat John. But fear not, for equipped with plenty of reading material and a crate of peach liqueur, in the long haul past Proxima Centauri space slacker Captain Momo will at last prove Newton correct—a body at rest will remain at rest!


Category: Genre: Sci-Fi Tags: , , , , , , Release Date: 2024-07-16 Publisher: Dark Horse Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781506740584 Author: Kenji Tsurata Series: Captain Momo's Secret Base Age Rating: Mature

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