Love Nest, Vol. 2


A real-life odd couple navigate roommates and heartbreaks in this Sayonara Game spin-off.A brokenhearted Masato moves into his friend’s second home looking for some peace and quiet, but instead he finds a man who’s very much not his type already occupying the space. Can this messy, ill-tempered intruder help mend his broken heart?Masato has unexpectedly fallen for his gruff, rather untidy older roommate, Asahi, and after confessing his feelings, he’s left waiting for an answer. Just as it seems his luck in love may have changed, Masato’s own unsavory behavior from a romance past comes back to bite him when an unexpected visitor arrives on his doorstep!

Category: Genre: Drama Slice of Life Yaoi Tags: , , , , , , Release Date: 11/8/2022 Publisher: SuBLime Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781974726097 Author: Minaduki, Yuu Series: Love Nest Age Rating: Mature

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