Shakespeare Manga Theater


Over the course of his career, Osamu Tezuka adapted many of Shakespeare’s works. Shakespeare Manga Theater collects them into one volume.

The book includes the following:

* The Merchant of Venice (1959)
* Robio and Robiette (from Astro Boy, 1965)
* Macbeth (from Vampire “The Three Fortunetellers”, 1966)
* Hamlet (from Rainbow Parakeet, 1981)
* The Taming of the Shrew (from Rainbow Parakeet, 1981)
* Othello (from Rainbow Parakeet, 1982)


Category: Genre: Drama Historical Tags: , , , Release Date: 4/9/2024 Publisher: Ablaze Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781684971862 Author: Osamu Tezuka Series: Age Rating: Teen

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