Super-Dimensional Love Gun


Fashionable-paranoia is a mix of splatter violence, humor and titillation, and manga artist, Shintaro Kago has helped define the genre over the last twenty years. Collecting fifteen different short stories from his illustrious career, Super-Dimensional Love Gun compiles stories full of neurotic dark humor and unease.What the Press says about Kago:”Showing influences from Dali to Otomo, the combination of Kago’s precise, expressive and kinetic line work with his wacky storytelling is at turns engrossing and repulsive. Mature fans of unconventional manga will appreciate the surreal spiral of body humor, tragicomedy and dark humor.” – Publishers Weekly”Imagine if horror manga master Junji Ito took psychedelics and then attempted to write erotica. That’s basically everything Shintaro Kago does, and it’s glorious.” – Powells

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Category: Genre: Comedy Fantasy Horror Sci-Fi Tags: , , , , Release Date: 6/25/2019 Publisher: Denpa Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781634429429 Author: Shintaro Kago Series: Age Rating: Mature

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