The Moon on a Rainy Night, Vol. 5

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Summer break has finally begun, and Kanon and Saki throw themselves into preparing for the upcoming choir contest. When Tanabe suggests setting up a maid café for their school festival project, the three friends decide to head downtown to look at maid outfits. What with conductor practice, shopping excursions, and spending almost every minute with Saki, Kanon is actually starting to enjoy summer in a way she never did before. The only thing that could burst this happy bubble is an unexpected encounter with her classmate Tomita, who usually treats her with scorn. Could there be more to Tomita’s story than she’s letting on?

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Category: Genre: Slice of Life Yuri Tags: , , , , , , , Release Date: June 11, 2024 Publisher: Kodansha Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9798888772355 Author: Kuzushiro Series: The Moon on a Rainy Night Age Rating: Older Teen

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