Therapy Game Restart, Vol. 1

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Sparks continue to fly in this Therapy Game sequel where Shizuma and Minato learn to navigate commitment—in both work and love!From a forgotten one-night stand to a plan for revenge, Shizuma and Minato have been through it all. But now that they’re officially a couple, new challenges await, and their fledgling relationship must learn to soar!Shizuma and Minato are officially a couple. But Shizuma, now a resident veterinarian, is so busy he barely has time to catch his breath, let alone go on a date. When he finally manages to find time for Minato, the universe intervenes once again, and he learns quickly that his feisty new beau is not to be ignored!

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Category: Genre: Drama Romance Slice of Life Yaoi Tags: , , , , , , Release Date: 12/14/2021 Publisher: SuBLime Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781974726028 Author: Hinohara, Meguru Series: Therapy Game Age Rating: Mature

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