Heavenly Demon Reborn!, Vol. 1


For fans of the bestselling Solo Leveling comes the story of a hero and his journey of revenge! In an ancient world where martial artists reign supreme, Unseong can only watch as his master is brutally beaten to death after a false accusation of practicing forbidden demonic arts. Even after a valiant fight, he fails to kill those responsible and faces his own end. But fate has other plans… Instead of taking his last breath, he awakens as a child, training to be an elite soldier of a demonic sect. Now Unseong must embrace the demonic arts and harness power in his ultimate quest for revenge.

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Categories: , , Genre: Action Adventure Tags: , , , Release Date: 11/22/2022 Publisher: Ablaze Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781684970360 Author: Gom-Guk, O' Emperor Series: Heavenly Demon Reborn! Age Rating: Mature

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