Terror Man, Vol. 2


When Jungwoo’s abilities allow him to predict the collapse of a department store, his ordinary persona is not enough to convince those around him to evacuate. With the help of his caretaker, a Russian woman with a mysterious past, he teams up with a seedier element of society to become…Terror Man!

But, even though Terror Man works to save the people of Seoul, his guise of menace quickly earns attention from law enforcement, journalists, and real big-time criminals! Further, Jungwoo’s discovered a possible unidentified event linked to the death of his mother. Can he discover the truth, evade capture, and avoid misfortune as Terror Man?


Category: Genre: Action Drama Sci-Fi Tags: , , , , , Release Date: 4/9/2024 Publisher: Ablaze Printing Type: Paperback ISBN: 9781684972067 Author: Dongwoo Han, JinHo Ko Series: Terror Man Age Rating: Older Teen

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